Updated Thursday January 31, 2019 by North Tahoe Little League.

2019 NTLL Division Descriptions

Below are basic descriptions of the divisions for NTLL. Please note that the age of your player today or when the season starts is not necessarily their "league age" in all cases. The league ages have been set by Little League International and not NTLL. If you are trying to decide between 2 divisions because there will be cases where players are eligible for 2 divisions, please take into account your player's ability and where you think that they will have the most fun and best overall experience!

To determine the league age of your player, please click on the link below:
2019 Little League Age Chart


League age 13-15 year-olds (12 year olds may try out). Competitive division played with "real baseball" rules and 90 foot base paths. Players may be eligible for post-season play.


For players league age 11 - 12 years old (10 year-olds may try out), mandatory tryouts during pre-season. Players are eligible to be selected for post-season play.


For players league age 9-11 years old (8 year olds that have played rookies may try out for minors). The 2 biggest differences from rookies are that all games are played with kids pitching the entire game and there are mandatory tryouts during pre-season. Players participating in Minors are eligible to be selected for post-season tournament play.


For players league age 7-9 years old with no or limited baseball experience. Pitching is mainly by coaches with some player pitching in the second half of the season.

T-Ball is for player league age 4 - 6 years old who want to learn the fundamentals of hitting and fielding. In Tee Ball, players hit a ball off a batting tee.