2019 NTLL Board Members

Updated Friday April 5, 2019 by North Tahoe Little League.

NTLL 2019 Board
League President : Andrew Koijane  andrewkoijane.ntll@gmail.com (530)363-0211
League Information Officer: Allison Sanford  allisonsanford.ntll@gmail.com
League Safety Officer: Luke Ragan  ragansnowremoval@gmail.com (530)308-5098
League VP Baseball: Matt Sonka mjsonka@gmail.com  (530)386-2337
League VP Incline: Jeff Harrell  smokinjefe@gmail.com (775)813-4915
League VP Incline/Players Agent: Cord Gitchell cordjamesgitchell@yahoo.com
Coach and Player Development/CA Players Agent: Tristan Roberts  roberts.tristan@gmail.com
League Development: Kristina Mattson . kristinamattson.ntll@gmail.com 
Scheduling Officer: Adam Sanford  asanford55@yahoo.com
Treasurer: Frank Mooney  fmooneycpa@sbcglobal.net
Equipment Officer: Ollie Phillips  oliver_phillips@sbcglobal.net
Board Member: Nathan Chorey  nchorey@gmail.com
Sponsorship and Fundraising: Peter Edmunds  peter.c.edmunds@gmail.com
Board Member: Eric Matises  matises@sbcglobal.net
Board Member: Sean O'Brien  changoloco@gmail.com